Conversations with Alzheimer’s Sufferers: Helpful Hints

Conversations with Alzheimer’s Sufferers: Helpful Hints Talking to someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s can be an exhausting and frustrating task for both sides. There’s often a sense of guilt in the early days that prevents the sufferer’s loved

Getting Ready for Christmas

Getting Ready for Christmas Autumn leaves have fallen. The nights are drawing in. The grounds around the Manor look very different at this time of year. Winter is close upon us – and, as always, winter is beautiful. One of the best parts of working

Early Signs of Dementia

Early Signs of Dementia It’s often hard to recognise the early signs of dementia, and the condition can have been developing for some time before the sufferer’s loved ones will begin to wonder if what they’re seeing is more than it seems. In

When is it Time for a Nursing Home?

When is it Time for a Nursing Home? We operate a policy here at Halwill Manor that guests are always welcome. It reassures the family of our loved ones that they can drop by any time and see how well they’re being cared for, and it makes it easy for

Nursing or Residential Care?

Nursing or Residential Care? Halwill Manor provides Nursing and Residential Care, specialising in dementia care. The difference between Nursing and Residential Care is the subject of many discussions and confusion. The main difficulty people come

Care in the Countryside

Halwill Manor has the great fortune to be set in the beautiful North Devon countryside, quite near the South West Coast Path as it passes Bideford Bay. Peace and Tranquility We’re very aware of the natural beauty of our surroundings and we work

Support for Families Dealing with Dementia

When a loved one begins to show signs of dementia, it’s not just a cause for concern to their family; it’s a shocking event. Often, family will turn a blind eye to the first few signs, not deliberately but because some part of them doesn’t want to

New Activities Coordinator at Halwill Manor.

New Activities Coordinator at Halwill Manor. We would like to welcome our new Activities Coordinator Val! (more…)