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Specialist Dementia Nursing Care in Devon

Are You Looking For Specialist Nursing Care For A Loved One Who Is Living With Dementia?

People who are living with dementia often experience confusion and agitation even in their own home with people they have known their whole lives.
So, needing nursing care and being moved to a new home with unfamiliar surroundings and people can be a traumatic experience for them. It needs handling with care and infinite patience.
At Halwill Manor we have over 25 years experience in providing that care and understanding so you can rest assured that your loved one will quickly settle in and feel comfortable and at ease.
It doesn’t matter whether you need a short term period of convalescent nursing or full time residential nursing care , you’ll find the very highest standards of care for your loved one at Halwill Manor.

Conveniently Located and Easy To Get To

Halwill Manor is a 25 bed Nursing home located in a quiet rural village near the centre of Devon. The setting of the home in glorious landscapes with superb views over the surrounding country side make it the perfect place to convalesce. It’s also withing easy reach of local shops, markets and amenities for those who wish to make the short trip out.

What To Do Now

For a confidential chat about your requirements please call us on 01409 221233 or why not call in and see the home for yourself. You’re welcome anytime and the kettle’s always on.
We look forward to meeting you.