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A Dementia Care Home within Easy Reach of Exeter

Arranging a care home for relatives or other loved ones suffering from dementia can be daunting. There aren’t many things that can make you much more comfortable with it when the duty falls to you, but perhaps the most important three are:

Will they be well cared for?

Will they be somewhere pleasant?

Will they be easy to visit?

Halwill Manor: A Caring Care Home

We’re so confident in the care and treatment that our residents and guests receive that one of our standing policies is that our residents’ loved ones – and the loved ones of prospective residents – are always welcome.

We’re happy to receive visitors at any time because we’re proud of the work we do.

Surrounded by Beautiful Countryside

Our residents – and our staff – love Halwill Manor because it means spending every day in some of the most beautiful surroundings available in the English countryside. Our views are stunning in any weather, with only the possible exception of fog.

In the Heart of Devon – Easy Reach of Exeter

The third question has answers that change for everyone, but Exeter residents and those nearby should know about Halwill Manor, a dementia care home with the expertise and empathy to offer your loved ones the comfort they need whatever their issues.

And if you’re not sure – you’re always welcome, and the kettle’s always ready to offer another round of tea and coffee. Come and see for yourself!