Dementia Care in Devon

Current estimates have it that over 13,000 Devonians suffer from dementia, which must mean it’s very rare for a day to go by without concerned friends and relatives raising the question of how to handle their loved one’s life going forward with one another.

The good news, however, is that as counties go Devon is a good one to deal with dementia in. Between the support given by Devon Social Care and Health and the Devon Dementia Roadmap, it’s possible to get strong support throughout the early phases of your loved one’s dementia, and not to feel rushed into decisions before you’ve had time to assess the situation.

Specialist Dementia Nursing Care

In addition to providing residential dementia care, Halwill Manor can offer dementia nursing care with a team of welcoming, friendly specialists. At the point your loved one starts to need full time support, you have a heavy decision to make; but you also have little time to do it.

Bringing them to the Manor for a few days allows you to rest, recover, take some time for yourself and make the decision in an atmosphere of peace and quiet – and you also have a chance to see what it’s like for them and how they can fit in!

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