Getting Ready for Christmas

Autumn leaves have fallen. The nights are drawing in. The grounds around the Manor look very different at this time of year. Winter is close upon us – and, as always, winter is beautiful.

One of the best parts of working here at Halwill Manor is getting to see such a wonderful place all year round, just as the residents do. We’ve worked hard to make sure the grounds show a different face in each season. We want each of these looks to be beautiful.

Experience Halwill Manor in Winter

Winter being with us means that Christmas is coming, and that’s a time of year we always look forward to here. The Manor is kept bright, spirits are high, and we see so many of the friends and family of our residents.

We’re hoping to see you here this year. Remember, the kettle is always on – and we’re always happy to see visitors.

Don’t miss out! Get one of the warmer welcomes available this Christmastime and make the Manor an even happier place. There’s a good chance you won’t be the only one doing so at the time.