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Specialist Residential Care For The Elderly With Dementia

Beautiful Rural Devon Setting With Easy Transport Links
Halwill Manor is a specialist 25 bed Residential Nursing home located in a quiet and peaceful village location near the centre of Devon.
You’ll find it easy to get to from the major road networks when you want to visit and just a short hop from the local shops and markets.
Your loved one will be cared for in a comfortable and homely environment with extensive gardens and patios that they can enjoy at their leisure.
The home has many adaptations to make life easy for those living with dementia and a full range of specially designed activities make daily life at Halwill Manor interesting and enjoyable.
Our staff and management have vast experience of dementia care. Our skilled practical approach coupled with detailed care planning and a genuine commitment and dedication mean your loved one will enjoy the highest standards of care available anywhere in the county.

Are You Looking for Specialist Nursing Care for A Loved One Living with Dementia?

People living with dementia often experience confusion and agitation even in their own home with people they have known their whole lives.

So, needing nursing care and being moved to a new home with unfamiliar surroundings and people can be a traumatic experience for them, to be handled with care and infinite patience.
At Halwill Manor, we have over 25 years’ experience in providing that care and understanding so you can rest assured that your loved one will quickly settle in and feel comfortable and at ease.
It doesn’t matter whether you need a short term period of convalescent nursing or full time residential nursing care, you’ll find the very highest standards of care for your loved one at Halwill Manor.

Having Difficulty Coping with Caring for Your Loved One?

Give Yourselves a Much Deserved Break with Our Respite Care Service

Looking after an elderly relative with dementia can be a very rewarding experience, but it requires a major commitment in time and energy.
You want to care for them and give back the love and attention they have given you over the years; however, they often feel guilty for being a burden to you and you may occasionally feel overwhelmed and in need of a rest. Of course, you still don’t want to let them down.
We understand this and we can offer you the ideal solution. A period of respite care with us will provide a welcome break for you to recharge your batteries and a great change of scenery for your loved one.
Imagine how great it would be to enjoy a holiday, spend more time with your kids or just take some time to relax and recharge your batteries, knowing that your loved one is being looked after and cared for.

What Can You Expect from Halwill Manor?

We’ve developed a wide range of services to offer our guests in our beautiful Devonshire location.
These include:

  • Chiropody – We’ve arranged regular visits from a chiropodist. Residents may be treated in their rooms or the designated treatment area
  • Dentistry – We have regular visits from an NHS dentist
  • Optician – We also arrange regular visits from an optometrist who handles the sight requirements of residents
  • Pastoral Visits – Visits are organised on a regular basis for all residents that would like them
  • Newspapers and Magazines – Subscriptions are organised if requested
  • Musical entertainment – We have a relationship with various entertainers that visit and perform for residents who want to attend. Nobody is made to participate if they don’t want to, and other options will be provided.
  • Days out – We take advantage of any local performances or outings that are available, for example the local theatre. Outings such as this are always well received. A ring and ride service is available for residents who wish to visit the local markets and shops
  • Activities – We employ full time activities co-ordinators within the home.

What To Do Now

If you are considering Halwill Manor we’d love you to come and visit us. You can have a confidential chat with the manager and proprietor about your specific requirements and we’ll be delighted to show you all around the home and grounds.

For more information please call us on 01409 221233 or simply call in. You’re welcome anytime and the kettle’s always on.