We operate a policy here at Halwill Manor that guests are always welcome. It reassures the family of our loved ones that they can drop by any time and see how well they’re being cared for, and it makes it easy for visitors who are dealing with the difficult question of where to put an elderly relative living with dementia.

We welcome you all; our kettle is always on and a hot drink is available alongside expert advice and comfort.

The Question

From time to time, one of these prospective visitors is a little less clear on the particulars needed in a nursing home than the others.

Just about everyone nowadays, before taking the decision of which nursing home to place their loved one with, does research online; it’s only natural. We all want the very best for our loved ones.

These less-certain visitors are earlier in their decision. They’ll often ask,  “How do you know the time for a Care Home has come?”

It’s a good question, partly because there’s more to it than most people realise.

What’s often missed is that it’s not just a question of the progression of your loved one’s dementia; your own ability to support them is limited.

When you’re asking that question, your loved one’s condition has reached a very specific point; it’s enough to make supporting them a strain but not enough to instantly make the decision for you. The result of this? You continue to work under strain, your finite resources are running out, and part of your mind turns to the only logical solution.

But because you’re not yet sure, you feel guilty for even thinking about it – which increases the strain.

Under these circumstances, we recommend that you suggest a week’s stay with us to your loved one. It gives you some respite, time to rest and recover; and it gives them a chance to assess us and accept what they’re moving toward.

If you’ve got any questions other than this one – or any concerns – or you simply want to work out the specifics of this question, we invite you to get in touch so we can help.