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A Specialist Dementia Care Nursing Home in Devon

Specialist Dementia Care at Halwill Manor

Do you feel like you can no longer care for your loved one’s dementia alone? Are you struggling to provide the constant care and supervision that they need?

If so, we can help.

The realisation that someone you’ve known and cared for over many years may not even recognise you is very difficult to come to terms with. You may well feel a mixture of sadness, frustration and even grief.

Add in the challenge of coping with their needs and the realisation that full time care is now essential, and it’s easy to feel that you are somehow letting them down.

We’d like to reassure you that simply isn’t the case.

Choosing a home like Halwill Manor which specialises in the care of those living with dementia will be the best decision you could make for your loved one.

Extensive Experience with Those Living with Dementia

Your loved one no longer sees things as you and I do. It takes years of experience to understand the world as they see it and to help them cope.

My staff and I have over 25 years of experience and expertise in this field. In fact, we’ve even been asked to look after residents from other homes that have been unable to cope with their dementia.

We’ve combined this vast practical experience with extensive training in modern techniques to provide your loved one with an unmatched level of care and understanding.

They’ll benefit from the extensive resources our carers offer, receiving focused attention 24 hours night and day. This simply isn’t possible when caring for someone at home, especially on your own or if you live elsewhere.

You can rest assured that your loved one is getting both the best possible standard of care and a fulfilling life.

Do you need Nursing or Residential Care?

Halwill Manor is registered for both nursing and general residential care so it doesn’t matter if your loved one needs someone to look after them 24/7 or more in depth nursing care, we’re here to help. Set in a beautiful rural location but easily accessible from the main road networks, Halwill Manor is the perfect place to receive temporary convalescent nursing care or full time permanent residential nursing care.

The Right Choice

Asking a home like Halwill Manor to take care of your loved one can feel like admitting defeat – but in reality, it’s making the right choice for them, arranging for the best possible care, pleasant surroundings, and a program of entertainment to delight them.
Don’t listen to the little lie inside that tells you otherwise. Making sure your loved one will be cared for should be a happy moment, not a guilty one.

A Loving & Homely Atmosphere

It almost sounds like a cliché to say that we provide a warm and loving atmosphere, but we take pride in creating a loving and homely atmosphere.
But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what our residents and their families say about life at Halwill Manor.


“The care which our mother received at Halwill Manor Nursing Home was second to none. She experienced the most loving and patient kindness imaginable.

Nothing was too much trouble for the staff who were constantly generous in their consideration and help.”

Sue Fishleigh



“Never thought we’d ever find Dad a suitable home, but, after many visits to different homes, none of which would have ever suited him, we stumbled across Halwill Manor Nursing Home.

We found it very homely, caring and friendly and felt Dad was one of the family in his new environment.

With a quiet country setting, home cooked good food, very clean, well loved, as is everyone, he fitted in as if he’d always lived here and feels he’s at home.

The care is excellent and, though in his retirement years, his health is maintained to a high standard set by Jacqui and her team. The best home we’ve ever seen.”

Margaret Hookway


“He has settled well, has excellent care and attention and feels he’s at home with the quiet village setting and views, all of which adds to the environment.

He wants for nothing and has all round attention of very high standard.”

Claire Dart


“Most of them felt clinical, institutionalised or impersonal. However, I struck gold with the Manor Nursing Home.

It felt homely, the staff appeared very caring to the needs of the residents and overall it had a warm family atmosphere.”

Tony Rogers

What to do now

The only way to really find out if a home is suitable for your requirements is to go and visit it. We sincerely hope you’ll come and see for yourself the exceptionally high levels of care and dedication to giving your loved one a happy, safe and secure life to be found at Halwill Manor.
We’d loved to meet you and the kettle’s always on so don’t hesitate to call in anytime or call us on 01409 221233 for a confidential chat about your requirements.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Jacqui Mirjah