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A Specialist Dementia Care Home in Devon

Searching For the Right Care Home?

Are you caring for someone living with Dementia? Or has a family member reached the point where they can no longer support themselves?

Are you struggling to provide the constant care and supervision that they need?

If so, we can help.

We know how overwhelming it can be.

You’re faced with the constant demands of care and supervision while balancing the emotional weight of your loved one’s needs with your own life’s responsibilities.

Deciding that a loved one now needs full-time care can be difficult and it’s easy to feel that you are somehow letting them down.

We want to reassure you that this isn’t the case.

Choosing a specialist care home like Halwill Manor, is more than a decision.

It’s a step towards a new chapter of compassionate, professional care for your loved one.

Making the right choice

Searching for the perfect care home for your loved one can be an overwhelming journey.

You’re navigating a sea of options, each promising to be the best, yet you’re seeking something more—a place that feels right, a place that resonates with you.

The challenge is real – how do you ensure that the care home you choose lives up to these expectations?

To assist you in this crucial decision-making process, we’ve developed our Free Care Home Audit Tool.

This Tool is designed to help you ask the right questions when you are searching for a care Home.

care home audit tool

Why Choose Halwill Manor?

We offer something impossible to replicate at home: constant, focused attention.

With 24-hour care, every need is met promptly, and every concern is addressed with understanding and patience.

Here are just some of the things that make Halwill Manor a different Care Home:

  • Comprehensive Staffing: What does this mean for you? With benefits such as a dedicated Dietary Support team that focuses on nutritional aspects for each resident during mealtimes, this frees up our care assistants to provide even more personalised and attentive care to your loved one.

  • More than 24/7 Professional Nursing Care: What does this mean for you?All nursing homes will state that they have 24/7 Nursing staff on duty. But how many can offer more than that? We provide additional Nursing staff, over and above the standard requirements. This means that people living in our home can recieve more attention from Nursing staff.


  • Continuous Staff Development: What does this mean for you? With an in-house full-time trainer, our staff receives ongoing training in the latest techniques, ensuring a customised training regime that is tailored to our workplace. Read More on our training.

  • A Homely and Comforting Environment: What does this mean for you? Our warm, inviting atmosphere, centred around a large open fireplace in the main lounge, makes Halwill Manor a true home away from home. We understand that it is unsettling for someone to leave their home and live somewhere else, so we do our best to make this transition a comfortable one, by mirroring a home environment as closey as possible.


  • A Legacy of Excellence in Care: Since 1986, our experience and dedication have established us as a leading choice in dementia care.

But don’t take our word for it, read what the families of our residents have to say…

Kittikatlover kittykats
Kittikatlover kittykats
My family cannot express fully our appreciation for the care provided for my father by the staff at Halwill Manor. Although my father Mike resided only for a short while at Halwill all the staff went above and beyond in every aspect of his care and daily communication was usual with me no matter how busy they may have been. It is with heartfelt thanks I endorse everyone at Halwill, bless you all !
Trish Wonnacott
Trish Wonnacott
I can highly recommend Halwill Manor Nursing home. It has a peaceful, warm, friendly, caring environment, with wonderful staff. From our very first visit when we viewed the home shortly before another lock down, it felt naturally relaxed and the staff were very welcoming. Unfortunately by the time Dad actually got to Halwill Manor there was another lockdown. During this time only two people could visit and that was through a screen to start with, and then later on in a room socially distanced. We are a very close family and this was truly devastating for us, as it was for everyone in our situation. However, the staff were so kind to not only Dad, but us too. He had dementia and struggled to make conversation, but it was obvious to us that he was comfortable and happy as he used to smile at the staff who accompanied him on our visits. One particular day, when the staff member said it was time to go for tea, he looked at mum and said ‘these maids are so good to me’. This was priceless for us as we knew it came from his heart. This was a tough time too for staff, but they always found the time to keep us updated with phone calls and emails in between our weekly visits. At one time when mum couldn’t visit at all, we had zoom meetings. The member of staff would sing a song and Dad would smile and sing along. Sadly Dad was only there for a few months before he died, but in his final few days the staff were extremely kind and compassionate to us, making a difficult time much easier.
vera tooke
vera tooke
My husband went to Halwill Manor just after Christmas 2022. He had been ill for a very long time, but his condition became to complicated for me to cope with at home. A member of staff came to assess him while he was in hospital, and he was tranferred the day after. Unfortunately I could not be there at the move because I had Covid (caught during hospital visits) and I was worried that he would not understand what was happening and would be upset. But the staff were very kind and helpful, and when I was able to visit a few days later, he seemed happy. I had conversations discussing various aspects of his care, with the nurses, the cook, the activities organizer etc. My comments were listened to and followed up. The care care staff at Halwill Manor were all very proffessional, compassionate and pro-active regarding my husband’s needs. Unfortunately my husband’s condition deteriorated and he died after a few weeks. During that stressful time the staff were again helpful and understanding, considarate towards the family. I am glad and grateful that my husband was able to spend his last days in such a kind and friendly environment.Vera Tooke.
Colin Fearon
Colin Fearon
My wife was a resident of Halwill Manor for four and a half years annd I couldn't have wished for a mor caring or loving environment
Dave White
Dave White
Halwill Manor is a beautiful place full of fabulous people. Richard made the transition for our father incredibly smooth and couldn't recommend Halwill Manor highly enough. The care staff are awesome and have made dad relaxed and comfortable.
Belinda Dyrda
Belinda Dyrda
Thankyou is not enough to show gratitude to Jackie and her wonderful staff on the excellent and exceptional care our dad Richard recieved each and every day. Much appreciated Belinda Amanda and Tina.
Richard Sikora
Richard Sikora
Beautiful house and grounds and the staff are always very helpful and friendly. Special thanks to Mr McSpadden who has been great in every contact we have had. Highly recommended.



“All staff demonstrated great kindness and genuine empathy for the people they were looking after. When they were telling us about their work it was evident they really cared”

(2021 CQC Report)



“The registered manager and nurses had a hands-on approach to care. They had plenty of contact with people and monitored the care team to ensure high standards of care delivery.”

(2021 CQC Report) 



“our observations throughout the inspection concluded people were well looked after and treated respectfully.”

(2021 CQC Report)

“The care which our mother received at Halwill Manor Nursing Home was second to none. She experienced the most loving and patient kindness imaginable.

Nothing was too much trouble for the staff who were constantly generous in their consideration and help.”

Sue Fishleigh

“All staff demonstrated great kindness and genuine empathy for the people they were looking after. When they were telling us about their work it was evident they really cared”

(2021 CQC Report) 


Of survey participants would recommend our Nursing Home

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