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‘2011 study shows Social Engagement Reduces Elderly Cognitive Decline by 70%’

Activities at Halwill Manor include gentle group exercises, craft sessions, and social gatherings that foster connections and enhance mental and physical well-being. By maintaining active membership with NAPA, we adhere to the highest standards of activity programming, ensuring that your loved ones are engaged in a nurturing and supportive environment.



Research has shown that proper nutrition can help mitigate the risk of depression and elevate mood by influencing brain function and reducing inflammation.

By focusing on a balanced diet that includes vital nutrients, we aim to enhance the quality of life for our residents, ensuring they feel happier and more connected in their daily lives


Staff Training

At Halwill Manor, we are dedicated to continuous staff development.

Our training program ensures that every team member has the latest skills and knowledge in elderly care.

Well-trained care home staff can significantly enhance the quality of life for residents by providing care that is not only competent but also compassionate and responsive to individual needs.

This commitment to professional development is reflected in our environment, where each resident feels understood, valued, and cared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my care fees be funded?

Possibly Yes. It depends on a few factors. There is a possibility that the local authority can pay for your care. There is also the possibility that the NHS can pay for some or all of your care.

Schedule a call with us to see what options are available to you .

Do you accept council funded placements?

Yes we do.

Can you help me get NHS funding for care fees?

Yes absolutely. We are experienced in dealing with the NHS and all of the assessments associated with NHS funding.

Do you accept pets?

Yes we accept small pets.

Do you have any shared rooms?

Yes, we Have some shared rooms. These rooms are ideal for couples or anybody that likes to have some company.

Schedule a call If you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing

You can also send us a quick message to check our room availability

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