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You are welcome to visit Halwill Manor at any time, so please contact us to arrange a tour around our Home, or to request a brochure.
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Staff training isn’t just important to a company, it’s vital.
All care homes in the country by law must make sure that their staff are trained in 6 mandatory subjects, such as health and safety, fire safety, infection control, first-aid, manual handling and food safety.

Some accrediting bodies allow certificates to be renewed for periods as long as three years! We think this is far too long…

At Halwill Manor our staff are trained in a wide range of different other subjects, all of which pertain to providing care and support for people with complex needs.

All of our training courses are renewed annually sometimes even more frequently.

An example of some of our training subjects can be seen below

✅ Dementia Care

✅ Managing challenging behaviour

✅ Nutrition and Hydration

✅ Privacy and Dignity

✅ Communication

✅ Diabetes

We believe that the delivery of these subjects to the Care Staff is crucial…


Constant Staff Support

Many care settings will rely on using external training providers to train their staff. Whilst this does achieve the goal of staff training to a certain extent, we believe that in order for knowledge to be truly embedded, and for staff to be fully competent a more thorough approach needs to be adopted.

What sets Halwill Manor apart from many other care settings is the use of an in-house full-time training coordinator to train and support our staff on a constant basis.

What this means is that the training delivered to our staff is completely bespoke to our environment and to our clientele.

The Home’s policies and procedures are built into the bespoke training that is delivered. By doing this our care staff can relate to the training on a much deeper level because of the familiarity.

By having an in-house training coordinator, training lectures can take place on an ad hoc basis, if members of staff require some updating or reassurance with their knowledge this can be achieved at any time.

If you visit Halwill Manor you will usually find the training is going on most days. Our training coordinator utilises a combination of methods to deliver the training, we work closely with the North Devon Care Homes team and other agencies that provide specialist training courses for complex needs.